We strive to connect people with resources through innovative projects and are dedicated to training the next generation of community organizers.

Our projects focus on helping and empowering both houseless and renter neighbors. Each one focuses on a specific topic and tackles challenges in simple innovative ways. We believe in community organizing and we want to help others while sharing the foundation of organizing so people can go out and create their own movements.

We’ve created a collective of socially conscious businesses to help make the everyday lives of homeless neighbors better via The Pledgeare working to elevate the voices of homeless neighbors by establishing city-wide best practices for voter registration at organizations serving that community via InterVAL, we host monthly free Sidewalk Pantries so houseless neighbors can get items that they need, and we’re creating a neighborhood-by-neighborhood movement of knowledgeable, empowered, and organized tenants through Tenants Rights Bootcamps.

This is what we do and we want you to be part of it.